La Classe Mini

October 8, 1977, Penzance (United Kingdom), 24 sailboats of 6.50 meters take off with a single sailor on board to Antigua via Tenerife to the Canaries ....
The small sailboats of the offshore race were born and their favorite race: the Mini Transat. All odd years they will find themselves on their favorite playground, the Atlantic.
Today, the Classe Mini association of 1901, affiliated to the French Sailing Federation, brings together 300 members from all socio-professional backgrounds, from the carpenter to the engineer, from the nurse to the skipper. 20 nationalities are represented.
Genuine laboratory class:
In addition to the use of advanced materials, the Mini gauge gives pride of place to the innovations often repeated by the larger boat classes (IMOCA, Multi, ...): Asymmetrical spinnaker on a steerable tip, pendulum keel, wing masts swivel, ...




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