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Invest in a dynamic and innovative project to federate your team internally and enhance your image externally.

Courage, rigor, surpassing oneself, ingenuity, anticipation, solidarity and team spirit, sailing shares the same values as a company.

Embark on an international project your teams, partners and customers in the adventure to vibrate together at the addictive pace of ocean racing.

After 44 years of existence, the Mini Transat is one of the oldest offshore races. Over the years, she has achieved a wide reputation:
- 800 accredited journalists.
- 244 TV topics.
- 4000 press subjects.
- 5,300,000 page views on the official website of the race.
- 330,000 people reached social networks.
- 260 000videos views.
- 45,000 players on Virtual Regatta.

A tailor-made partnership for your company, according to your ambition and your project
The goal is also to give a passion, the opportunity to your company to develop its image on the seafront and increase their network.
Communication actions will internally promote the values of offshore racing and federate the various actors of the company around a motivating technical and human project.
A sailor, a boat of 6,50m, an ocean for a race, these are the values defended by the riders, the essence of this famous Mini spirit.
- Use the project as a support to weld your team around a unique adventure.
- Take members of your staff, clients or partners on the boat for an unforgettable experience.
- Intervention of the skipper on your premises to build a relationship with your team members to present the project and the offshore race.
- Organization of an event around the baptism of the boat and for the departure of the races with the installation of a stand with our colors.
The possibilities are many:
The financial commitment is free.
- Printing your mark on the boat
seamanship, rigging.
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Sponsor the team!

The Platinum sponsor choice allows the sponsor  to become the title partner of the project. 2 years of visibility for you on boat, sails, equipement, clothes... Contact Mathieu to discuss this exciting option!

The Budget 2020/2021


Buying the boat                       51 000,00 €

Purchase of the boat trailer     6 000,00 €

TOTAL:                                   57 000,00 €


Sets of Sails                            18 000,00 €

Electronic NKE,AIS, ...            20 000,00€

Security                                  14 000,00 €             

Connection, current head       9 000,00 €

Insurance 2020/2021              8 000,00 €

Electricity, batteries,

solar panels                            11 000,00 €

Registration courses               10 000,00 €

Training 2020,2021                 5 000,00 €

Return boat cargo                   7 000,00 €

Storage on land                      4 000,00 €

Operating costs                      14 000,00 €

TOTAL:                                  120 000,00 €